Wednesday, January 19, 2011

welcome to silenced canon

This is a blog about women artists and their oft-forgotten contributions to what is largely considered literary and artistic 'canon.'

Commentary, editorializations, and extrapolations included from the author and/or other bloggers, for the sake of provoking thought.

Reader comments will be moderated only because I'll receive email notification any time a comment is made -- thus, I will be sure to read them all, and address points promptly.

That being said, abusive or pointless comments will be deleted at blog author's discretion, as is my personal and internetian right. However, hold onto your hats, dissenting points of view will not automatically disappear.

At the same time, the author strongly suggests that dissenting commenters thoroughly read the source materials before commenting. That is why I include these links -- so that they can be read.

While individual source articles are linked to because of their relevance to the subject matter, blog author does not automatically endorse any or every viewpoint espoused by linked sources.

Thank you, and I hope to provide interesting reading!

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